Poster Session I

10.06.2024 (18:00 - 19:30)

ID Student Title
1 Ilaria Contesotto Approaching Acusteme
2 Magdalena Yordanova Memory-Feedback Controllers for Lifelong Sensorimotor Learning in Humanoid Robots
3 Debanjali Biswas Evaluating KG Embeddings for Link Prediction: A Study on the Influence of Relational Patterns and Cardinalities
4 Thi Hoang Thi Pham Online Sampling from Public SPARQL endpoints
5 Barbara Gendron Controlled Conversational Models through Conversation-Dedicated Ontology
6 Erkan Karabulut Fast and Explainable Inference with Semantic Association Rules
7 Duo Yang TorchicTab: Semantic Table Annotation with Wikidata and Language Models
8 Ameneh Naghdi Pour Knowledge representation and engineering for smart diagnosis of cyber physical systems
9 Bochra Kader Managing dynamic knowledge graphs
10 Solenn Tual Automatic reconstruction of the genealogy of plots and buildings from historical sources
11 Darya Shlyk Synergizing Generative AI and Semantic Technologies for Biomedical Knowledge Curation
12 Lia Draetta Enhancing FAIRness: Fairification and Semantic Augmentation of University Research Outputs and Third Mission Resources
13 Grazia Serratore A study of innovative methodologies for the promotion of archival heritage
14 Yang Yang Open Neural Knowledge Graph: A Bridge between Pre-trained Language Models and Curated Knowledge Graphs

Poster Session II

10.06.2024 (19:30 - 21:00)

ID Student Title
15 Jiaxin Pan HGE: Embedding Temporal Knowledge Graphs in a Product Space of Heterogeneous Geometric Subspaces
16 Komal Gilani Data Harmonization leveraging Mapping Guidelines and Large Language Models
17 Emanuele Lenzi Transforming Raw Textual Data into Semantic Narratives
18 David Haller PHAROS
19 Kanchan Shivashankar Abstracting Meaning from Natural Language Questions to SPARQL
20 Mina Abd Nikooie Pour A Tool for Extending Ontologies using the Materials Design Ontology as a Use Case
21 Antonio De Santis Integrating Large Language Models and Knowledge Graphs for Extraction and Validation of Textual Test Data
22 Elias Crum PENGQUIN: PErsoNal Genome QUery IN healthcare and clincal practice
23 Emanuele Cavalleri Construction and enhancement of an RNA-based knowledge graph for discovering new RNA drugs
24 Beatrice Fiumanò Towards a NLP Methodology for Discourse Analysis
25 Simone Persiani Improving Knowledge Graph accessibility via LLMs
26 Sarah Rebecca Ondraszek The Viewsari Knowledge Graph 1.0
27 Federico Donato Grounding Realizable Entities in BFO: New Axioms
28 Ritten Roothaert Ontology development for high-stake decision processes